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Manis/Pedis , 20 February 2012

The Review / Margaret Dabbs Medi Pedi

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Here’s some good news. You need no longer stomp from podiatrist to pedicurist in the pursuit of happy feet. You need not even be embarrassed to reveal your trotters to another, or feel there is no hope for tired soles. These are all things of the past for me and now, hopefully, you, for I have found a place which treats all foot ailments, and treats them in style.

The place is the Margaret Dabbs. I won’t beat around the bush: the feet I placed before their senior podiatrist, Tamara, in the Liberty London branch, were pretty disgraceful.

Having had only traditional pedicures in my life that seemed to gloss over my foot/nail issues (of which there are many), I thought a medical pedicure would just be a more intensive version of the file and polish jobs I’d previously had, but it seems I had massively underestimated the Dabbs medi pedi.

The treatment was basically a full foot overhaul, involving some minor incisions around toenails followed by a cuticle-removing buffer, some general removal of dead skin, and a serious sloughing off of dead skin on my soles. My feet afterwards looked entirely different: healthy, with shining nails that didn’t require polish to make them look good.

But this isn’t all about looks. The real difference this medi pedi made is that I am now able to cram my feet into tight boots and not feel the pinch of my toenails digging in, a pinch infinitely more uncomfortable than that which you will feel after parting with what now seems little cash for a lot of comfort.

Here is the advice I took away for healthy feet in the future (not only for women – 35% of Dabbs clients are men) //

1 / The single best thing you can do for your feet daily is to moisturise them, and do it with a moisturiser intended for feet. The skin there is so much thicker that a normal body moisturiser just won’t cut it. The Dabbs Foot Cream is perfect as it’s both anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, whilst smelling delicious.

2 / File the feet every week to ten days while the foot is dry. A foot ought never be filed whilst wet. This rule also goes for cuticles – cutting them while wet involves a high risk of infection so they must be removed while dry with sterilised instruments.

3 / Only use acetate-free nail polish remover to avoid stripping the nail and a solvent-free nail varnish if possible – they use Rococo polish in the salon.

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