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The Review / Bharti Vyas Harmonising Treatment

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This treatment at Bharti Vyais quite an experience. So intense was my relaxation post-treatment, that I left vaguely concerned that the neurotic, verbally-incontinent version of myself may never return, and that I might forevermore walk around in a state of extended bliss.

It started with a chat with Bharti, who is the wonderful sage you’d imagine her to be. Both the business mogul and grandmother in her colour the advice she gives and, as a result, I felt in safe, wise hands.

Each treatment at Bharti’s clinic is bespoke and, after my conversation, she decided mine ought to consist of a facial and body massage. She sent me into the room and told me that she would be in to see me afterwards for a chat on improving the old form. My mind reeled at what she might say – I had visions of myself lying prostrate in the room while she listed my bodily foibles.

Once I was tucked beneath my towel, I was administered a massage of such force that in order to remain pliant, I had to remember Bharti’s assurance that, in my case, this pain was necessary to release tension.

During the facial section, I also had my feet put in some rather fascinating boots which constrict at intervals to aid circulation. I would dearly like a pair to wear in bed – they did the work of at least two pairs of hands in a very short amount of time.

When I saw Bharti later, rather than poke me with a stick whilst listing my myriad of issues, she kindly kept them to herself and recommended a course of treatments. I greedily acquiesced and am seeing her in two weeks, which says more than any further words could.


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