Theodor Anastasato Interview

Fashion , 30 July 2012

Madeleine Meets / Theodor Anastasato

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Theodor Anastasato is just the sort of man you hope would be behind the scenes at Vivienne Westwood Menswear – unique, charming and a little eccentric. I peppered him with questions about style, Westwood and London:

ML: Some Westwood designs are quite out there – where do you find inspiration?

TA: All kinds of places really. I travel a lot for business and pick up a lot of ideas when I am abroad: the way a person dresses, a handbag somewhere or an old sign can all provide ideas. Since most of us are equipped with smartphones, it’s now easy to document these sources of inspiration. Our team use books too and we go out on a research trip through London once a season to markets, museums and shops.

ML: What is your idea of a well-dressed man?

TA: Confidence and culture always dress a man best.

ML: When you meet people, do you find your job hazardous, i.e. are you critical or overly analytical of style?

TA: No, on the contrary- I rejoice in getting excited about other people’s style/look. The good or the bad. The in-between, the boring, is the only thing that goes unnoticed.

ML: What is your personal style?

TA: I would refer to my style as psycho-reflective – it changes as I go through different stages or moods. I can look anything from American tourist to a boy in a dress.

ML: How did you end up at Westwood?

TA: I did an internship at Westwood years ago when I was a student and stayed in touch. I got called back later, when there was an opening.

ML: What are your favourite London shops for menswear aside from Westwood?

TA: I like Dover Street MarketSelfridgesRalph Lauren and Prada.

MAT: What are you favourite haunts for nightlife in London?

TA: Again, this depends on the mood I am in. I like parties at people’s houses most, but also enjoy the bars of Soho. Nothing tops the Tiroler Hut, though!

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