Epicuren Facial with Joanne goodman

Facials , 27 September 2012

The Facial / Epicuren with Joanne Goodman

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Another week, another super facial, and boy is this one super super. The giver was Joanne Goodman, the location Harley Street and the products Epicuren.

Before I go into the facial itself, I should tell you something about Epicuren. When I heard that it was the go-to brand for a lot of A-listers, I was all aflutter with excitement as I hadn’t yet come across it. I eagerly typed my search into google which yielded some odd results for a cosmetics brand – you cannot just go and buy the range online, oh no. I kept googling and was, quite frankly, beginning to feel perturbed. This is how I came to be acquainted with Joanne – she is a distributor of the American line in the UK as well as a practitioner, so I called her to ask what the devil these Epicuren people were playing at.

Her response surprised me. Epicuren don’t sell without the customer seeing an Epicuren-trained advisor. Nor do they sell you masses of products after an Epicuren facial, they instead send you off to consider the effects and  your lifestyle, then follow up with an e-mail of recommendations. The recommendations also veer off the beaten track – Epicuren recommend ingredients, rather than just Epicuren products, which will benefit your skin and, should you choose to buy those ingredients in Epicuren products, you will also have the benefit of telephone advisors to tailor you regime as and when.

Their radical attitude to sales called to mind the santa in Miracle of 34th Street who sends his customers to other stores because he wants to satisfy their needs. And, much like the folk who end up more loyal to Macy’s for the exceptional goodwill, I found myself wanting to sit on Epicuren’s knee and listen to what they had to say.

But of course, a kindly disposition isn’t enough to cut the mustard when it comes to skincare, so although I went to my facial excited, I still had the scepticism of the world-weary child who goes to tug at santa’s beard.

Once in the treatment room, Epicuren and Joanne went to work. Joanne initially prodded and pinched, pressed and pulled until she was content that she and my skin were on intimate terms. Then she started the facial and all the while she talked – in a good way. Apparently, this is another part of your first Epicuren facial – they don’t want to just slather you in products but enlighten you as to what you skin needs and how it behaves so your decisions become more informed.

The home care element is also important, said Joanne – a facial sets you on the right track and is a treat, but without your homework, any good skin schooling won’t be consolidated. What did my skin learn at the school of Epicuren? Well, the Hot Cinnamon Enzyme Peel made my skin respond strongly, so I learned that a little is more than enough for me. I also learned that my skin was angry (it didn’t surprise me given the amount of testing I do), so Joanne again told me to cut back. In fact, I came out of the facial with masses of new information (which, for me, is quite something), particularly on the home care of my skin. I’ve since had quite a few questions as to how I’ve managed to keep it so healthy – most notably from my best friend who said ‘whatever you are doing, don’t stop doing it’ – words which are always music to my ears.

This is the point with Epicuren. The products are great and the practitioners also exceptional, but what they really leave you with post-facial is the legacy of knowledge with which to treat your own skin in your own time without making you a product junkie. Little wonder Miss Anne Hathaway of alabaster perfection is so hooked she sought out Joanne’s hands for some Epicuren love as soon as she got to England recently. If it’s good enough for her…

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