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Facials , 12 October 2012

The Review / Suqqu Gankin Facial Massage at Selfridges

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Suqqu is under the umbrella of Japanese brands I think are really up there (two of my other faves Kanebo and RMK are owned by the same company), and they make some of the best foundations around, so this skin treatment particularly interested me. It differs from ordinary facials in that it is less about the products applied and more about the massage technique. Being a firm believer in facial massage benefitting the skin, I took myself along to Selfridges to investigate.

The treatment takes place in a little pod on the shop floor. Unfortunately, the pod only covers your back and sides, leaving you and your naked face potentially open to voyeurs – several stopped and watched my massage, which wasn’t ideal. Having said that, the massage element of a Gankin facial isn’t really designed to send you to sleep – it is a facial massage designed to eliminate facial swelling/fluid retention, help encourage lymphatic drainage and let circulation flow freely. It also effectively exercises your face, as the massage is really firm (verging on painful in places), and designed to get the muscles working in the same way a deep tissue massage would, so sagging and poor tone are also targeted.

After you’ve had the five minute massage with the Suqqu Musculate Massage & Mask Cream (which you can buy to perform the treatment yourself at home should you wish to), on your cleansed face, your muscles are left relaxed. I was struck by how tense my facial muscles must be during the day, as the sensation post was so markedly different to the way my face usually feels.

After the massage came an application of Suqqu’s Upsurge Essence, which is a tightening serum and works instantly to lift your face – it’s quite a result, with the treated side temporarily higher than the other. I left with a face which felt free of strains and looked ‘tight’. Unfortunately the effects wear off, but for a night out this is a really good way to boost skin tone and, given how glowing I looked the next day, I expect the results are cumulative. It came as little surprise when I found out Charlize Theron has had Gankin massages before red carpet appearances and that Kylie also is a bit of a Suqqu fan. All round, I liked a lot. If only those damn pods were closed…

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