Debbie Thomas Facial Review

Facials , 3 December 2012

The Facial / Debbie Thomas at Hari’s

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You may have noticed I have devoted a fair amount of time and effort into finding the top skin experts in London. The attention to skincare is not misplaced – healthy skin is vital in looking, and feeling, good, and the wisdom gained from seeing a skin specialist invaluable in making skin the best it can be. I am therefore always a little rankled by the implication that facials are indulgent. This attitude may be grounded in some truth when directed at a facial in which you are rubbed with creams and left to wait while a mask dries. I have had those facials and felt a little annoyed that I could easily have done just as good a job in my home and got the dishes washed while said mask dried.

It is a whole other story, however, when your skin is given the degree of care you receive in the hands of the likes of Debbie Thomas at Hari’s. Debbie joins the hallowed few facialists in my address book who look at skin as a doctor would and she examined my skin, asking questions about the care I give it and its general patterns before going to her work.

Debbie is extraordinarily pragmatic, shying away from bold promises of instant results (although after my SkinCeuticals Delicate Skin Repair & Strengthening Treatment, I was enormously impressed by how much better my skin looked). She is discerning and scrutinises ingredients and their strengths in the products she uses to ensure they meet her requirements. She is also a skincare dynamo, using whichever products and machines will give the best results in an hour before giving comprehensive advice on home care, telling me to stay away from the three fatal s’s: sun, sugar and stress.

If you wanted to give your skin an enormous kick up the backside before Christmas (and are lucky enough to nab an appointment), Debbie’s your woman. And if anyone tells you it’s indulgent, show them the results. That’ll shut them up.

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