Natura Bisse Facial

Facials , 10 January 2013

The Facial / Natura Bisse at Spa NK

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Spa NK is my local refuge from stress. When I walk into the locker room I begin to feel myself metaphorically shedding the skin of London life. I’m comforted by the fact that I will probably be shedding some actual old skin during my stay, and beautifying is always a tonic to me.

There is also the knowledge that I won’t be ushered out after my treatment – instead, I’ll be offered a herbal tea to enjoy in the relaxation area (where there is also a stocked library – perfect for my  bookworm tendencies). There is the final pièce de résistance in the form of the shop upon exit – there is nothing more seductive than shelves of products after having been subject to their powers.

I headed there last week for a Natura Bisse facial. Once ensconced in the dressing gown from my locker (where I found a little treat in the form of a mini Sai-Sei gift bag) I moseyed along upstairs where I was greeted by Carol and taken to the treatment room.

Once lying comfortably she started with a spinal massage. A bit of an odd start to a facial, granted, but the theory behind this is that the toxins that emerge facially all travel from other parts of the body and, that being the case, you have to start on the body and work your way to the face. Even if that’s baloney, it felt pretty good to have a massage and facial for the price of one nonetheless.

The facial part consisted of a good cleanse followed by a few extractions where needed, and then a great deal of applying and removing masks and ointments. Some of these smelled medicinal, some of them needed to be left on for a while, and others just seemed to be moisturisers of some sort. This was the bulk of the treatment – applying and removing things. Had it not been for the little extras, I probably would’ve felt a little conned.

Thankfully, I didn’t, but that was all down to Carol – she provided a body treatment, rather than just a facial, so during the ever-cumbersome waiting-for-a-mask to dry period, she massaged my hands and feet, kneaded my shoulders and gave me a little head rub.

The upshot: I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with problem skins – this is for anyone with already-healthy skin looking for a bit of extra glow/slightly more sparkly skin for the weekend.

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