I Never knew that about london, christopher winn

Bookshelf , 17 January 2013

I Never Knew That About London / Christopher Winn

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Well now this was a fascinating read packed full of weird and wonderful facts about London. Here are some of my favourites //

1) Underneath the pavement on top of Cornhill near the bank of England is the first underground public lavatory. It opened in 1885 charging 1d, which became the standard fee and the origin of the expression ‘to spend a penny.’

2) Up until 1916, Harrods sold pure cocaine to the public. Kits including morphine, cocaine, and the equipment needed to inject it were available from the pharmacy to send to loved ones fighting at the front or for home use.

3) Chelsea Buns originated at a Mr & Mrs Hand’s Bun Shop in Jew’s Row off Pimlico Road in the early 18th century. They were so popular that George II and III popped in for buns. Legend had it that on one good Friday legend 50,000 people queued up outside for a taste.

I Never Knew That About London by Christopher Winn, £7.29 at Foyles.co.uk

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