Where angels fear to tread

Bookshelf , 22 January 2013

Where Angels Fear To Tread / E.M. Forster

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This cautionary tale by E.M. Forster is not as heavy as the plot may have you believe – I tore through it in about a day. Here’s what happens: silly, impulsive widow Lilia falls in love with Italy and a native, Gino, on her travels. Her dead husband’s family intervene but arrive too late – Lilia has married her lover and is pregnant. When she dies during childbirth, the family try to adopt the child Gino is happily, but ineptly, raising. Tragedy and a battle of wills and morality ensues…

‘For it is a serious thing to have been watched. We all radiate something curiously intimate when we believe ourselves to be alone.’

‘For a wonderful physical tie binds the parents to the children; and – by some sad, strange irony – it does not bind us children to our parents.’

‘Mrs Herrington replied in the memorable words, “Let Philip say what he likes, and he will let us do what we like.” ‘

Where Angels Fear to Tread by E.M. Forster, £5.10 at Foyles.co.uk


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