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Facials , 16 March 2013

The Facial / Dermalogica

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On walking in to the Lancer Square branch of Dermalogica for a facial I was rather excited to see a glass room filled with corporate sorts behind the shopping area and thought ‘by George do they take this beauty business seriously!’ Turns out that it is a space for hire and the meeting was a Spanish class, not a bunch of boffins talking about banishing bad skin.

But my first impression held true – Dermalogica do take skin seriously. Before my treatment, I was asked all sort of probing questions about my skincare regime and what results I would like to see before my skin was even touched.

Once the treatment begins, I was subjected to precise skin mapping after a double cleanse. The process involves skin being looked at under a bright light and magnifying glass (terrifying, but this is the worst bit of it all and a necessary evil) and then divided into zones before they give you the lowdown on what you need to do going forward and what the facial will entail (if you can’t remember the finicky details fear not – they give you your skin map and ‘prescription’ afterwards).

This facial isn’t designed to send you into a state of slumber. It uses gadgets/active ingredients and is designed for results. I found it achieved them very well – after an hour, my skin did indeed look brighter and clearer.

The icing on the cake is the very reasonable price – £65 for 60 minutes. The cherry on the icing on the cake is that you can pop in whenever you’d like to have your skin ‘mapped’ and steamed and doused in treats from the ‘product pool’ on the shop floor. For free. Heavenly.

Dermalogica Skin Treatment is now no longer available at Lancer Square but you can have it in the Liberty Treatment Rooms.

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