Natura Bisse Facial At The Agua Spa Sanderson

Facials, Hotel Spas , 16 March 2013

The Facial / Natura Bisse At The Sanderson Agua Spa

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A degree of confidence is required to call a facial The Cure. A cure is not a cleanse and scrub. A cure does not leave skin blotchy or tired. No, a cure is a total fix, a one swipe, woes gone promise. On my way to the Sanderson Hotel just off the bustling Tottenham Court Road I wondered if this Natura Bisse facial could live up to its name, if in just over an hour my skin could go from a little grotty to glowing.

The wall-free, white draped silk background of the Agua Spa on the first floor of the hotel was certainly promising. I had a rather advanced cold on the day of my visit and disposed of at least ten tissues whilst getting changed, each of which landed in an entirely empty bin and miraculously disappeared before I dispensed of the next one: the staff here are the ultimate in discretion.

I sat in the waiting room before my treatment and was greeted by facialist Matthew, who is, as his name suggests, a man. I was surprised to find the somewhat sexist thought that a facial delivered by a man might not pack a punch flicker through my brain. I pushed it aside, lay on the warm bed in the silk partitioned room (the entire spa is devoid of walls whatsoever – ideal if you feel the pressure to talk incessantly out of politeness throughout, for your fellow spa goer is through a silk screen), and shut my eyes.

My eyes remained shut for the entire facial, most of the time as I snoozed. Any doubts I had due to Matthew’s masculinity were firmly squashed by his skills and the only moment of mild discomfort was due to the fizzing peel that sloughed away my dead skin. I may have been in a state of slumber throughout, but Matthew was clearly on the ball – he gave me extraordinarily precise home care instructions before taking me downstairs to my relaxation pod.

Said pod was a cocoon of white, a reclining bed surrounded by silk. I was disturbed in my relaxation but once, and that was for a delivery of the lentil meal and coconut smoothie from the Suka Spa Cuisine Menu I’d ordered prior to treatment. I melted into the bed, taking sips of the delectable smoothie and spoons of lentils at leisure. In short, I was in heaven.

You may wonder whether the facial was as curative as the name suggests. It was. In fact, it kept my skin clear and smooth for an entire month – quite a feat for my hormonally-challenged complexion. I have a feeling that a few sessions in Matthew’s hands would be a cure for both stress and skin issues. And the Agua Spa? Well that’s just a dusting of magic on top of the cure.

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