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Massages , 8 April 2013

The Thai Massage / Spa & Massage, Queensway

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Advocates of the firm variety of massage need look no further than a good old Thai massage. It is remedial, it addresses muscular niggles and really gets the circulation pumping (perfect this time of year if you intend on donning a bikini come summer). I’ve been informed by reliable sources that an hour of Thai massage bliss costs the grand total of the equivalent of around £15 in Thailand.

But this is London, and affording a massage often enough to have a cumulative effect on wellbeing is problem number one. Problem number two is getting a booking for a massage at useful time. By useful, I mean not during a lunch hour when emerging from a session of serious muscle manipulation leaves you feeling ready for bed. There is nothing less agreeable than somnambulism in London.

I have found an answer to my above niggles quite close to home: Spa & Massage on Queensway. Open till 11pm, you can drift straight from massage to bed for an unparalleled night’s sleep after paying a reasonable £55 for 60 minutes. Thailand prices it ain’t, but that’s not too shabby for the level of expertise and attention you’ll get here – my masseuse, Noi, was a Thai with extensive experience in massage who left me feeling utterly renewed. As I chatted with the team while sipping the special blend herbal tea they provide after treatment, I found myself feeling ashamed that in my five years in Bayswater I’d never descended the little stairwell into this haven. I won’t leave it another five years before going back. Frazzled workers, this is the place for you.

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