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Diary , 28 May 2013

Alkalinity, An Old Citroen Garage and The Art of Reclining…

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Reclining on the bank holiday

Though much of the bank holiday was spent either reclining as above or walking my chocolate Labrador, Maggie, the week leading up to the heavenly three-day-weekend was one of activity, vigour and discovery. I…

Highgate Cemetery

Explored… Highgate Cemetery. A combination of Victoriana obsession and a lifelong – admittedly slightly morbid – fascination with places of burial renders Highgate Cemetery a place of extreme interest to me. It got a lot more interesting when our group guide registered my excitement at the possibility of visiting Pre-Raphealite muse Elizabeth Siddal’s grave and took me to the Rossetti plot alone. I was thrilled. Expect a lengthy piece on Highgate to follow.

Honestly Healthy Alkaline Breakfast

Doggedly… Stuck by my alkaline guns. Well, it’s been no hardship – just look at this breakfast. Could a bowl of cereal compete? I think not. Besides, the 70/30 rule makes it easy to stick with while dining out or socialising, which is generally when I give up altogether on healthy eating and consider the continuation of my efforts futile. One such occasion more than worthy of a flirt with acid was a pop-up restaurant by A Moose Bush in an old Citroen garage last Tuesday. Delicious food in a novel location, the close-knit family behind the venture are thinking of holding more regular events. I will be a fixture.

A Moose Bush Pop-Up

Encouraged… My sister to cut a fringe at the Josh Wood bang bar as part of Liberty’s Brushes with Greatness events. Below is the only photo she felt didn’t make her look like Bon Jovi. Josh Wood thankfully run a fringe-only cutting service all the time for those of you brave enough to get the chop – go without fear in your heart, for as you can see my sister now looks far more Moss than mosh pit.

Josh Wood Bang Bar

Learnt… A fair deal on the beauty front courtesy of Liberty London. I took myself along to the Get the Gloss session and, while tucked away in the Heritage Suite, sat enraptured as Sarah Vine and Susannah Taylor revealed their beauty and lifestyle secrets. Their predilection for Hourglass and Nars aside, the session was excellent primarily because Sarah and Susannah are the sort of women you want to be friends with. Who know a lot about beauty. So best friends, then.

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