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Diary , 16 August 2013

Don’t Miss / Fashion Rules and Victoria Revealed

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Loathe to miss a dress display of any variety, my mother and I took ourselves to the Fashion Rules Exhibition in Kensington Palace to take a gander at the grandeur of the Queen, Diana, Princess of Wales, and Princess Margaret’s dresses.

Princess Diana's Dresses - Fashion Rules

Though those on display were a wonder to behold, I was a little disappointed – there were only around six dresses apiece and no personal artefacts of which to speak. All in all, a bit of a limp offering.

Fashion Rules - Princess Diana Wallpaper

The entire affair was, however, redeemed by the Victoria Revealed exhibition taking place in the very same palace (purchase the general admission ticket – it covers all the exhibitions).

Victoria Revealed - Queen Victoria's Wedding Dress

Now this is an exhibition to thrill, and I’d recommend it to even the least ardent of Victorian admirers amongst you; my mum, who has tragically never displayed an inclination towards my favourite era, has assured me she would (will, if I have it my way) return.

Victoria Revealed - Queen Victoria's shoes

What will you find on display in the rooms in which Victoria once lived? Her wedding dress, shoes, diary excerpts, brooches, Albert’s shaving equipment and even toys the royal offspring played with. It was quite something to be so close to pieces that have so much historical significance and one exhibition that is truly not to be missed.

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