CACI Facial Review

Facials , 31 August 2013

The Review / CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift

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My sister and I are very close. We holiday together and gabble away like two happy Siamese cats when in each other’s company, and have somehow even impressed some characteristics into one another – people often have difficulty distinguishing which one of us is answering the phone at my parents, for example. Generally speaking, we’re a great duo but, despite all our closeness, she is 8 years my senior. Not so great when it meant that I had to be at junior school missing her while she had a great time at uni, but exceedingly useful for testing the facials i’ll relish in the future (sorry, Mic) .

Just such an opportunity plopped into my lap when I went to the CACI Ultimate event at The Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel, W1. They called it a non-surgical anti-ageing solution, so my interest was piqued and my sister was the perfect escort with all her slightly-older (but impeccable) skin.

The first thing to tell you about this treatment, should you plump for it, is that the spa itself is a ‘top notch’ ‘rooftop retreat’, in the words of my sister and the spa respectively. Both are accurate – the setting is exquisite and the views over Hyde Park unparalleled by any spa I’ve ever visited, so transported me miles away from the hustle and bustle.

Onto the treatment… My sister was initially marginally upset that the treatment took place in the beautiful glass-windowed room but with shut curtains, but once lying down enjoyed the initial make-up removing and massage. At this point, she thought something billed as a non-invasive alternative to a facelift, dermal fillers and chemical peels was more relaxing than she’d expected.

She was then coated in serum, which was pushed deeper with what she described as electrical impulses, covered in face-toning pads (they sound intense, and the effect of them is so strong that they must align them symmetrically so that one side of your face does’t end up higher than the other), and slathered with a hydrating mask. Not quite your usual plinky plonky rub, but she tells me the slight discomfort of the electrical impulses was tempered by the knowledge that it was really doing something. If that sounds like a Slendertone advert it’s because, in essence, this part of it is like a Slendertone – for your face.

Combined, they were quite effective – her face was slightly lifted, firmed and a little plumped. Her verdict? This is certainly a good alternative to surgery, an ‘instant-youth’ option before a big night, or a way to tackle early sagging and wrinkles, but isn’t for you if you want to just retreat from the world for a while.

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