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Massages , 16 October 2013

The Review / Chi Yu Bamboo & Jade Massage

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The feeling of stagnancy is a hard one to shake. After the vigour of summer months, by mid-October, I usually feel comparatively inert and heavy.

Chi Yu offered a potential answer – a Jade & Bamboo massage. What the dickens is a Jade & Bamboo massage? A little online research proffered the following explanation: bamboo, once heated and rolled across the body, increases circulation and promotes relaxation.

So far, so very similar to an ordinary hands-on massage. I kept reading in the quest to unearth the specific benefit of using bamboo and found that bamboo is commonly believed to harbour a crystal on its surface that, when warm, produces an electrical charge to interact with the electromagnetic field of the body which helps to relieve stress.

The jade part works similarly to a hot stone massage – the jade is used warm (and sometimes cold) to stimulate circulation and relax muscles. According to my sources, jade is also a wizard at discharging toxins.

Never one to balk at trying something new (and, besides, the massage itself sounded promising enough to lure me in), I jumped onto the massage table at Chi Yu and let Mami rub me with alternate handfuls of bamboo and jade.

The sensation was akin to that of a normal, firm massage. The bamboo made for an oddly satisfactory feeling – the length of the rolls covered more than a hand ever could and the contrast between that and the smooth hot/cold jade rendered me relaxed and yet invigorated.

Were my toxins and stress-related tensions cast out of me? It’s a hard one to measure. The seasonal sluggishness I’ve been labouring under, though, was vanquished.

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