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Manis/Pedis, Massages , 11 December 2013

The Home Treatment / Blossom & Jasmine

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Without intentionally feeding into the male fantasy of boarding school life too much, massage was one of the main pastimes at Rugby for my friends. The best pop up salon I’ve ever been to was in my room, where we’d take it in turns whilst listening to horrendously cheesy music and talking endlessly about our emotions (ED, I’ve rumbled you on the old “tell me about your feelings…” tactic to make me waffle on and forget to check the time whilst massaging you – you owe me).

The one-sided conversations aside, I really enjoyed having a massage in the comfort of my room and being able to wind down before drifting off without the burden of having to travel home. When I heard that Blossom & Jasmine replicate that experience (give or take), I decided to cast aside any prejudices I had harboured towards the mobile spa experience and book in.

How did the treatments fare? The manicure was excellent, with plenty of OPI and Essie polishes to choose from and the Indian Head Massage out of this world. Once finished, I barely had the energy to mumble thanks before falling asleep. Now I have found Blossom & Jasmine, I fully intend on turning my home into a spa again on a regular basis. And next time, I’ll try ED’s technique to see if I can eek out the experience for a little bit longer.

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