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Diary , 11 January 2014

Alesha, Art and Abstaining / Recently, I’ve Been…

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Madeleine Spencer on Mads About Town

Empathising… with Alesha Dixon. What might a celebrity releasing a perfume and myself have in common? That we both found emerging after Christmas to go to the launch of said scent, Rose Quartz, at the St. Martin’s Lane Hotel rather daunting: ‘I’ve only been for dinner, like, twice since having my daughter – having hair and make-up done has helped me feel confident,’ said she. Ah, a girl after my own heart (for the record, she was radiant and resplendent in her House of Holland dress).

The Wellcome Collection

Confused… By modern art. During a visit to the Wellcome Collection over the weekend, my companions and I felt a little confused. The medical stands and installations masquerading as art just seemed a little pointless. Weird, even. At one point I gestured to the stacked chairs in the corner and exclaimed ‘I just don’t see how this is art,’ only to be told they were, indeed, just stacked chairs. But it was an easy mistake to make in this place. Either this is a case of the Emperor’s new clothes or I am spectacularly unenlightened.

mads About TownEating… Everything. Admittedly, that’s a slight exaggeration, but in all honesty I’ve had to employ some willpower to stop eating all food on offer and instead stick to three sensible meals. My most recent discovery, Pizza East on Portabello Road, has made the prospect of waiting to be really, truly hungry for a meal much more agreeable. It seems that in some cases, waiting really does improve what comes after.

The Phantom of the Opera

Rediscovering… London’s theatre scene. As I was sat in Her Majesty’s Theatre watching the Phantom of the Opera recently, I found myself wondering why I didn’t visit the theatre more often – it is one of the few remaining occasions on which one feels the urge to dress up (well, I did – the man in front of me in a slogan T-shirt, not so much), and make an evening of it. Book of Mormon, here I come.

Oliver Goldsmith Specs

Delighting… In vision! When my new Oliver Goldsmith specs arrived, I fished my contact lenses out my eyes and put them on. It was wonderful – eyes that could both breathe and see properly was unprecedented for me (my previous pair of specs were underachievers that allowed me to only see clearly through the little area directly in front of me). I was also rather pleased with the service – once you’ve chosen your frame, Oliver Goldsmith contact your optician and do all the irritating paper work bits for you and simply call when they’ve put your glasses together.

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