Liz Ealre Facial Review

Facials , 18 January 2014

The Facial / Liz Earle Signature

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I love Liz Earle’s products for three reasons: they are natural, they are fuss-free, and they really work. After ninety minutes in Liz Earle’s Treatment Rooms, I decided that these three tenets transferred to the Signature Facial, too.

Let’s rewind. I bustled into the Duke of York Square branch of Liz Earle desperately in need of some skin love. I was stressed, my skin was stressed. I was tired, my skin was tired. I prayed I was in the right hands.

After filling out the usual form detailing any allergies and medical issues, I followed my therapist into the basement where the mission to relax clients in the treatment area was clear; the subterranean hollow echoed the Isle of Wight home to Liz Earle’s HQ in the form of seascapes, room names and light blue panels.

I was instructed to make myself comfortable on the treatment bed. Nothing unusual there, I know. Barely worth a mention, even. Though it is – this treatment bed was not a hard table with a towel for a blanket. It was a real bed, compete with heated mattress and duvet under which to nestle.

The facial started with a double cleanse and exfoliation. Then came a steam, during which my arms were massaged with the Superskin Body Cream at my request – a massage is incorporated into all times during which masks are setting or steam working away and I was always asked where I’d like said massage.

Following extractions, the science bit kicked in: first, a high frequency machine designed to kill bacteria that tingled slightly, then a vacuum suction machine applied from décolletage to top of face to aid lymphatic drainage. I was extremely impressed by the latter – most facialists pay attention to the lymph system (it doesn’t have it’s own pulse to help it along, so exercise and massage are the only ways to speed up elimination of toxins), but this was the first company I’ve come across to incorporate it into treatment.

After a face mask and more massage, I felt completely and utterly relaxed under my duvet. My somnolent state had been anticipated, and I was handed a glass of water and told to recline for a few minutes, during which I contemplated the hour and a half I’d spent in the care of Liz Earle.

One look at my skin confirmed my suspicions: the facial does the range proud. A mix of natural, rhythmic massage and targeted technology to boost skin health, it is a facial that leaves skin (and a frazzled mind) glowing and balanced. My prayers had been answered: I had chosen the right hands.

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