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Health, Lifestyle , 2 February 2014

Five All-Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

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Despite adhering to all the rules of fending off germs, I was struck down this week by a nasty bout of the sniffles. Never one to flood the old form with drugs and of the belief that the body does its best job at recovering when left to its own devices anyway, I’ve relied on these five natural/organic products to help me through.

N.B. Stockpile them now. There is nothing worse than shopping when ill.

– Kneipp Cold and Flu Mineral Bath Salts / Mined and crystalised using traditional methods before being soaked in essential oils, Kneipp’s products are still as natural as they were in 1891, when Sebastian Kneipp first charged a pharmacist friend who shared his convictions to make products in his name. These salts work a treat at loosening a tight chest.

– Tisserand Head Clear Vaporising Oil / There is little worse than the frustration of brain-fog, particularly if you are working while bunged up. This blend of lime, eucalyptus and peppermint if uplifting and really does help to dispel the sense of mental fatigue that accompanies illness. If you don’t have a burner, just put some drops on a tissue and place near your work station.

– Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream / My nose. My poor, poor nose. Though balsam tissues have proven a godsend, the sheer amount of tissue action has left my skin frightfully distressed. Enter this soothing balm. It has worked wonders.

– Comvita Winter Wellness Manuka Honey Syrup with Mullein / I generally find cough syrups to be sinfully sweet and leave my stomach none too pleased. This one is sweet, but not in an artificial, sickly way, and the honey and mullein contained within don’t just soothe, they actively heal a tickly throat.

– Karmameju BOOST Balm / A balm packed with natural decongestants including camphor and eucalyptus oils, put this anywhere you’d ordinarily put Vicks without the fear that your eyes will stream in protest. It also contains lavender and frankincense to relax the body. Ask a willing nurse to administer during a massage for maximum benefits.

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