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Make-up , 2 February 2014

Must Have / Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

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I am currently a little obsessed with luminosity and pour over photos of models and actresses (mainly Kate Bosworth, who is my complexion muse) with skin that seems lit from within before trying to recreate the look on myself.

Recently, my pursuit of pearlescent – but never shiny – skin had a huge leg up in the form of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. Since unearthing this gem, I’ve been asked by others about how I achieved my glow every time I’ve worn it – proof supreme that it hits the nail on the head.

Things that make me love it //

– Once applied to high points (upper bridge of nose, cheekbones, under brows) and patted in, it seems to have a natural synergy with skin, blending in seamlessly to look like skin that is lit from within.

– Though it is £33, so a rather high buy-in for a make-up product that is seemingly non-essential, it comes in a huge bottle (50ml!), and to cover the aforementioned parts you need only a half pump.

– There is not one particle of glitter in this product. Does that seem a trifling point? It won’t when your glow outclasses that of the cheapie glittery highlighters on the market.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone

– If you’re looking particularly drab, it doubles as a primer for foundation. Just make sure you apply a very thin layer so as not to overdo it.

– It comes in four shades that cover all skin tones from lily white to chocolate brown. I use the two palest (Moonstone – pictured above – and Opal), depending on how I’ve done my make-up that day.

– It contains an SPF 20, which is just very good sense on the part of Becca – the high points of your face that you would like to light up are also the parts that are vulnerable to damage from sun rays.

Go forth and glow.

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