Bookshelf, Home , 7 February 2014

Fashion House / Megan Hess

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I’ve decided to make the most of the inclemency of weather. No longer will I spend my time googling warmer climes for pictures that tease and torment. No. I choose instead to take my dishevelled and quite frankly un-chic home in which I spend so much time and make it magnificent.

To guide my efforts, I’ve enlisted Fashion House by Megan Hess. Hess is the ideal woman to fuse interiors and illustration as, while illustrating for the likes of Chanel and Tiffany & Co, she discovered that  ‘fashion and interiors influence one another.’ Here’s to hoping my better interior will lead to a better exterior for me, then.

The book is a mixture of practical advice to transforming a house from drab to dazzling and illustrations reimagining the icons of screen and fashion in their homes. The good news is that you won’t need a budget befitting haute couture for, as Megan says, ‘great style has nothing to do with money – choose pieces you love and make your home an extension of your personal style.’ So there you have it: carte blanche to put a little of yourself into your home. Sequins and fairy lights galore in my case. Oh the thrill of it.

Fashion House by Megan Hess, £12.40 at


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