Nataliya Robinson Facial

Facials , 26 February 2014

The Facial / Nataliya Robinson

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You know by now that I take my facials seriously. I am always overjoyed to find a facialist who does the same. Having mentioned Nataliya Robinson’s skills in passing a few times previously, I felt it only right to devote a post to her indubitable skin prowess.

Nataliya is a stickler when it comes to treating skin only to the extent that is required – there’s no formula to her approach and if you visit her in her Knightsbridge treatment room you’ll find that she employs any number of her vast tools from technology to product to get results.

Part of her strength also lies in her unwillingness to send you on your way without good advice – trust me, hers is advice you really want to take. I left with a wealth of new knowledge pertaining to my skin and loved her for it: there is nothing a facialist can do in an hour that has more value than teaching you how to care for your skin.

So there we have it – a treatment that is a real treat, and a woman who’ll send you on your way rich with information about your skin. Well worth your pounds.

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