Hanky Panky Underwear

Fashion , 27 February 2014

A Little Hanky Panky

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Naughty me writing risqué headlines deliberately intended to lead you astray. But never would a double entendre hinting at the naughty be better employed than when it comes to Hanky Panky’s range. The underwear is sexy while remaining demure, figure-flattering and yet oh-so-slightly see-through. It is underwear girls enjoy wearing and boys enjoy… well, I’ll stop there.

In all seriousness, though – these are some really brilliant smalls. Having previously mentioned my love for the unbelievably comfortable and brightly-coloured thongs, when the postman (who didn’t need to ring twice – okay, I really will stop now, promise) brought me these, I abandoned the idea of doing anything productive for half an hour and tried on every piece.

Hanky Panky Underwear

What was my verdict on the contents of the package?…

– Two sets of bralettes (in pastel pink and white) – I loved these. Though not underwired, the lace provides plenty of support for the smaller bosomed and the straps are decorative and therefore made to play peekaboo out from under a vest top.

– Three knickers (two to match the bralettes and one lime green) – While these covered a decent area of bottom they were, under clothes, as difficult to detect as the thongs and every inch as comfortable.

Hanky Panky Lime Underwear

– A lime lace camisole – This isn’t a ‘support’ underwear but it is great as a layer to go under another T-shirt, addition of a flash of colour above or below said t-shirt, or, for those with boobs too big to wear Hanky Panky bras, a nice way to play match up with the knickers.

– Hot pink lace leotard – I initially was confounded by this item – where on earth does a normal woman have cause to wear a lacey, leotard with a keyhole at the back? The answer, bizarrely, is everywhere. This is comfortable, looks surprisingly good on and gives you the sense of a little naughtiness under your clothes.


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