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Make-up, Skincare , 13 March 2014

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I’ve recently been getting to know DHC a little better. After finding an encounter with their Cleansing Oil very pleasing, I thought it only right to get better acquainted. Now I know a little more about their range, it doesn’t surprise me that their products are ubiquitous on the shelves of beauty editors.

Here’s the backstory: DHC, rather bizarrely, started out as an educational translation company in 1972 and moved into cosmetics after the founder, Mr. Yoshiaki Yoshida, discovered an exceptional grade of olive oil produced in the Nunez de Prado groves in Baena, Spain. Once he learnt about olive oil’s positive effects on skin and health, he started developing DHC beauty products.

Here are the ones you need to know about //

– Cleansing Oil (£4.50 – £21.50 at dhcuk.co.uk) // I advocate a pre-cleanse, especially for city-dwellers and make-up wearers. This pre-cleanse oil is superb quality for money – it works out at about half the price of the iconic Shu Uemura oil and is of a similar quality. To use, just put a pump in hands, rub onto your face and work in, then add lukewarm water to emulsify. Most your make-up and grime will come off. You can then dry your face and either use this again, or follow with another cleanser.

 DHC Olive Virgin Oil Cotton Swabs (£4.50 at dhcuk.co.uk) // Make-up slip-ups are inevitable, as is the migration of mascara and eyeshadow down cheeks. I always have these little swabs on me to clean up slippage – they’re individually wrapped so perfect for handbags. I also love that there’s no wasting a whole swab when you only need one end: the wrapping splits in the middle so the unused end remains wrapped and hygienic. Also, they’re soaked in a little olive oil so mop up spilled make-up and moisturise in one wipe.

– DHC Oil Blotting Paper (£4 at dhcukco.uk) // Blotting paper shouldn’t be expensive, nor should it take many sheets to do one face. These ones are ideal – soft, big hemp fibre papers that absorb oil without disrupting make-up. They’re also very handbag friendly, thanks to the little light paper packet they come in.

– DHC Mascara Double Protection Perfect Pro // You need to know about tubing mascara. In brief, instead of coating your lashes in an oil-based or waxy paste, tubing mascara is made of polymers that, when dry, shrink-wrap around lashes, forming a film. This means that you can build up lashes (a little like an icicle, the fluid will just dry onto the end or face of the polymer).

Tubing mascara is also excellent for the smudge-prone – a little rub or sweat won’t dissolve it, though water does (so to remove the mascara all you need to do is splash your lashes with water to swell the tubes and give them a little wiggle to slide them off). Tubing mascara is also a good option for those of you who don’t like lashes to look clumpy or overly made-up as when it ‘sets’, it forms a little tube around lashes that is even from root to lash. This small wand is ideal for applying the mascara and is a make-up artist favourite.

– DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX (£16 at dhcuk.co.uk) // As fond of a lick of liquid eyeliner as the next girl, I’ve stuck almost exclusively with gel eyeliners applied with a brush to get a little flick as I’ve never found a liquid liner wand that doesn’t dry out too quickly, apply liner too thickly or look uneven in texture when on. This is the one I’ve been waiting for: glides on black as the night and smooth as butter and LASTS. My new make-up staple.


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