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Hair , 24 March 2014

Results / Testing The Tria Part 2

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I love starting my week on a good note so thought today would be ideal to share the rather promising results of my Tria Hair Removal Laser trial with you. You may remember that my first post about the Tria was full of optimism. I’m delighted to say said optimism has not dwindled. Take a gander at the below; I think this picture speaks for itself (apologies for the vulgarity of this image but it really is vital to illustrate the diminished hair growth). Yes, after three uses of the Tria laser, my hair is beginning to give up its dominion of my leg/underarm/everywhere I’ve pointed its little head.

Tria Hair Removal Laser Trial

In using the Tria I have noted the following:

– Key in success with the Tria (as with all things beauty) is to keep using it / If you do choose to buy it, it’ll do no good languishing in your cupboard while you continue to wax/shave/pluck/epilate. It must be used, and it must be used frequently to see results.

– Shaving is a drag / Not just because it is an arduous, boring process, but because it encourages ingrown hairs and you have to contend with stubble while it grows back. I found this, more than anything, spurs me on in using the Tria often – I look forward with each round of regrowth to seeing fewer hairs rear their ugly heads.

– It hurts less when you know it works / Old psychology proving its power once more – now I know it works, my pain threshold seems to have miraculously rocketed. I currently use it on level 4 (that’s right, only one level off the level 5 to which I aspire). I suppose this is in part due to the absence of some hairs and therefore fewer follicles to blast, but I’d prefer to focus on my heroic capacity to handle pain.

The trial continues…


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