The Toothbrush Beauty Uses

Make-up, Nails , 2 April 2014

The Beauty Hero / The Toothbrush

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In all likelihood, you’re underestimating the powers your humble toothbrush possesses. Once merely a way to clean your teeth twice (or thrice, if you are as fond of polished, pearly whites as I) daily, toothbrushes earmarked for other uses have been sneaking their ways into the bags of the beauty savvy for some time now.

I first considered the myriad uses of toothbrushes when uber-podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez suggested I brush my toenails daily with one in order to discourage my naturally convex toenails from growing in. I paid heed and added giving my nails a brush in the shower to my routine. Six months later and still free of ingrown nails, I made it a permanent fixture.

Then there was the tip from a make-up artist that a small toothbrush dipped in a lip balm makes for an enormously effective lip exfoliant and smooths lips (thus preparing them for colour), as well as any scrubs on the market. Note: gently does it on this one – a few light circular motions will more than do the job.

Toothbrush Tricks: As an Eyebrow Brush

My favourite by far, though, is the brow-taming trick. An eminently useful one when without brow gel, just spritz a little hairspray onto a toothbrush and run it through brows to set them. I’m in good company on this one; Mary Greenwell and Lisa Eldridge are also fans. While on brows, a toothbrush free of hairspray run through brows nightly is a cheap and effective way to stimulate growth.

One indispensable final word: make sure you have an infallible system for telling your different brushes apart. Once you diversify on this front, you really don’t want to be mixing them up. Trust me; there was an episode that I cannot bring myself to share that forcefully hammered the importance of this vital bit of organisation home.

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