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Skincare , 11 April 2014

Must Have / Jurlique Love Balm

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Sitting at an airport delayed by four hours is not very fun. Seeing the little patches of dry skin as a result of the sun’s rays despite slathering myself in sun cream is equally disagreeable.

So here I am: me, my laptop and a bag of the little products I cart here and there. Bored, stuffed to the brim (that €6 dining voucher did help my grouchiness, Monarch, so thanks for that), out of conversational steam – my sister is now reading My Family and Other Animals – and rather uncomfortable in the areas of dryness that are now flaking and itchy.

I have turned to the product pool, natch. The most useful of the assortment? It has to be Jurlique’s Love Balm – it has proven itself a sterling companion in these trying times. The tiny rose edition tin I have with me is delicately scented thanks to the Rosa Damascena content and packed with Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil and Safflower Oil from natural sources. It smells delicious, uplifting.

Having rubbed it on my dry cuticles/earlobes/lips/band of skin on my nose that seems to be particularly adverse to the sun, I can tell you it doesn’t only smell good, but is also a dab hand in ameliorating the deleterious effects of the sun. I’m rather pleased to have it with me and firmly suggest any of you travelling/festivalling/peeling get a little pot to stash in your bag to treat troubled skin on the go.


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