Lunar Yoga Review

Health, Wellbeing , 23 April 2014

The Review / Lunar Yoga

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Lunar yoga. Sounds barking, doesn’t it? Yet there I was, rooting my feet into a downward dog while being told that this yoga workshop was tailored to redress the imbalances that the full moon due that evening may wreak on the system.

Did it feel barking? When I stopped to think about it, yes. When I was working my way through the poses, no. Any fan of yoga will know that this dichotomy often exists: watching a class, it would appear a trifle ridiculous and the reasoning behind the poses bizarre; participating in a class and moving with the breath, it feels rhythmic, the notions behind the poses simply blending into and contributing to the overall sense of reconnecting with your body.

The theory behind the workshop devised specifically to ease the influence of lunar cycles is this: as the moon waxes and wanes the affect it has on the body (which is, like the ocean upon which it exerts its influence, made up primarily of water) leaches into the rest of your system and has an impact on your appetite, mood and quality of sleep.

Surprisingly, it worked for me. The three hours of yoga (divided into three distinct parts: a dynamic practice, a series of deeper stretches and, finally, mercifully, a restorative and relaxing hour) left me free of the physical signs of the stress I had been feeling and my sense of equilibrium restored.

Was that down to the yoga or thanks to the poses that were designed to counteract the pull of the full moon? I’ll leave that to you to decide. After all, for every person who feels one thing there’s another to offer the opinion that it’s all baloney. Case in point: on coming out of the workshop, I told my husband I’d enjoyed the session and would pay more attention to the moon phases. His response: ‘The word lunatic is etymologically derived from lunar.’ I think he thinks I’m barking, don’t you?

Yoga Workshops take place each weekend at Triyoga in Soho.


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