Post-Easter Beauty Favourites

Round-Up , 25 April 2014

Beauty Natter / Post-Easter Favourites

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Oh how very tempting chocolate is. Even when you have consumed an entire Lindt bunny (the chap in the above photo is no longer with us – I scoffed him down savagely, head first), there seems to miraculously remain an exclusive space in your stomach that is able to accommodate more chocolate. This Easter, I discovered that this space, when filled with copious helpings of the sweet stuff, rather unattractively distends. My favourite things this week have therefore been those that don’t rely on a flat stomach and hollow cheeks to look good:

Rampant Jersey Pyjama Pants

– Rampant Sporting Jersey Pyjama Pants in Dark Blue, £45 here. There comes a time during every soiree in which food is involved when I want to take my trousers off and replace them with something a little more commodious. Unfortunately, having guests present often means that one must continue to wear a more socially acceptable bottom half. I believe the above pyjama bottoms are the answer. Dark and free of romping animals, these are stretchy, soft as can be and, above all, fit to be seen in by polite company.

Ayurveda Pura

– Ayurveda Pura De-Stress Tea, £6.95 here. This tea promises to de-stress and de-stress it did, but not for the reasons cited on the tin. You see, while it works its ayurvedic magic on the senses, it also rather handily aids digestion. Beware: digestion-aid is a euphemism. You may be a bit whiffy for a few hours after drinking this but after an episode of flatulence you will feel a little purer, as it were, in the innards. I find this feeling of purity alleviates stress, so well done Ayurveda Pura.

OPI Ski Teal We drop Review

– OPI Ski Teal We Drop Nail Lacquer, £11.50 here. I have a friend, let’s call her Edith, who turns to nail polish whenever she’s feeling a little porky. Edith likes the buzz of prettified nails while the rest of her feels slightly less attractive – her wording and notion, not mine – and enjoys the infinitesimal colour options. She also likes the price tag – unlike handbags and shoes, who are her other friends during the dark hours of unwelcome weight gain, nail polishes are cheap enough to buy on a whim. I have subscribed to her viewpoint this week, and the above beauty has been adorning my nails since Tuesday.

Sisley Phyto Touche Illusion D'Ete Bronze-Gel

– Sisley Phyto-Touche Illusion D-Ete Bronzing Gel-Powder, £66.50 here. Bronzing powders are two a penny. Those that glide on uniformly, impart a lit from within glow and never, ever look chalky generally cost more than two pennies. This one costs considerably more, granted, but glow aficionados will be hooked from the first swirl of your brush (plus, it’s Sisley so they have of course built skincare in the form of moisturising mallow and protecting linden blossom in). Strategically warming of parts of the face is my way of coping with the puff of cheek that is the result of those Lindts.

Patch It Sleep Detox Pads

– Patch-It Sleep x 20, £29.99 here. Naysayers, I hear you. A patch filled with essential oils and stuck to the underside of your foot that supposedly helps you get a good night’s sleep must be baloney. I said this. I said some other things. I then tested them and slept enormously well, despite the sugar high I was on. I tried them a second time and found the same thing. I am now not sure if the patches or the belief that the patches will help me sleep are to thank, but I don’t intend on losing any precious slumber in pondering the question.

Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

– Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner, £16.55 and £11 here. Did I mention my endless capacity for sweet somethings? Enter this shampoo and conditioning duo, which smells an awful lot like chocolate. Gloopy, delicious chocolate. Let me just quickly dispel any ideas of it being an under performer in case you think I’m focussing on the scent because I don’t like the product: my hair was left silky and strong, like one of those women who used to shake their manes around in Timotei adverts (remember them?). Good hair. Good smell. Good alternative to eating chocolate.

Clarins Be Long Mascara

– Clarins Be Long Mascara, £21 here. Like nail polish, a good mascara is a joy no matter how the rest of you feels. Conveying how a good mascara makes eyelashes look, however, is a little challenging. I’ll go with these adjectives: fluttery, long, neat, luscious. This Clarins one + lashes = fluttery, long, neat and luscious. A little aside for those of you who take to separating your lashes laboriously with a pin: heed the word neat. This mascara is the best for avoiding clumps that my hands have ever wielded.

Liberty Knickers

– Liberty Red Franche Print Cotton Knickers, £25 here. Aside from being elasticated, these knickers have precious little to do with attenuating the look or feel of being full. They are pretty, though, aren’t they? And knowing my undergarments are a little pretty makes me feel a little more pretty. And feeling a little more pretty makes me feel a little more confident, which is quite something for a humble pair of knickers to achieve.

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