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Diary, Fashion , 1 May 2014

TBT / My Wedding

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Indulge me here: throwback Thursday happens to have fallen on my wedding anniversary so I’ve been pawing through my old photos and have found a few I thought I’d share (mostly of me, because I thought other guests may be a little peeved at having their image splashed across the internet. I have no such concerns!).

My Wedding: photograph by Kris Leven

In the spirit of trying to add value to those of you who may be getting married this summer, here’s some advice from my experience of the day:

1) If your budget will stretch to it, get a second dress for evening dancing. I know brides who’ve not done this and have lived to regret it – the casting off of my first dress and donning of my second more comfortable one halfway through the wedding breakfast was sheer RAPTURE.

My Wedding: Austria. Photograph by Juergen Teller

2) Weddings abroad (as mine was) are an excellent idea – everyone gets a holiday, guests have an opportunity to bond and, icing on the cake, you can just stay put for your honeymoon. Be warned, however, that language barriers and cultural differences mean that your carefully laid plans may just go askew. My organist played Here Comes the Bride three times in total. I’d made it to the top of the aisle by the end of the first rendition.

My Wedding. Photograph by Juergen Teller

3) Eat. Obvious, yes, but in the mayhem that is getting ready for a wedding, I entirely forgot to eat. As a result, my first words to my husband on exiting the church were ‘I’m starving’ (words he has since come used to hearing from my lips!).

My Wedding - Madeleine loves

4) If you’re lucky enough to have friends with skills, try to make use of their talents on the day – they will know your taste better than anyone you could hire. I was fortunate to have two photographers as guests (Juergen Teller – who took most of these photos – and Kris Leven), and both kindly snapped alongside our official photographer. Theirs were the best shots of the day. Given point 2, perhaps I should’ve involved some of the musicians in the music…

My Wedding: Madeleine Loves, photo by Juergen Teller

5) Don’t worry about details too much. When the day is done, you’ll look back and realise that the most important ingredients for a good party stand for this day, too: a nice group of people, ample refreshments and some good music are all you really need to have a good time.

Madeleine Loves: My Wedding Day. Photograph by Juergen Teller

The setting / Going am Wilden Kaiser, Austria

The bridesmaids / Six! Five school friends, one sister. And I would’ve had more if I could’ve. Greedy me.

My dress / Lacroix for the day and Rachel Gilbert for the evening.

My Wedding: photograph by Juergen Teller

Shoes / Jimmy Choo – I wanted something I’d wear again and again so went for nude shoes (which were, in any case, completely concealed from view by my floor-sweeping dress).

Hair / A blow dry at the hotel, followed by some pinning in the bathroom by yours truly with the help of my bridesmaids.

Make-up / All my doing, using MAC, Nars, Shu Uemura and Laura Mercier. Perhaps on another TBT I’ll post the exact products…

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