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Vlog / How To Wash Make-Up Brushes

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One of the beauty flags I wave most often is that of cleaning brushes after use. Boring, perhaps, but doing so is imperative – when you brush product across your skin bacteria is transferred onto the brush. Dipping this back into products the following day when said bacteria has multiplied will only serve to make your make-up a breeding ground for germs. Washing brushes will therefore not only extend the life of your brush (as regular washing will keep bristles lying as they ought), but will also diminish acne and help your make-up to last for longer.

This video shows three ways to wash brushes. Products I’d recommend for each //

How to Wash Make-Up Brushes

1) Brush Cleansers /

– MAC Brush Cleanser, £10 here.

– Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner, £13.30 here.

– Shu Uemura Brush Cleaner, £13 here.

2) Baby/Organic Shampoos /

– Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, £1.10 here.

– Green People Neutral Scent Free Baby Wash & Shampoo, £6.89 here.

3) Solid Brush Cleansers /

– London Brush Company Vegan Brush Shampoo, £16 here.

Top Tips //

– Don’t pull at hairs when washing, try to swirl and massage gently to get out residue.

– Always remould brushes before drying to avoid fibres from splaying and to help them keep their overall shape.

– Never dry upright – water will run into the brush itself and, over time, dissolve the glue that bonds the fibres. Instead, lie flat on a towel or fashion a slight decline and let the brush sit lower than the handle.

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