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Make-up, Skincare , 7 June 2014

Must Have / Vichy BB Face Cream SPF50

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I received an e-mail yesterday from a friend in which she asked what she should be putting on her face in the morning to shield it from the negative effects of incidental sun. As a busy lawyer, she doesn’t have time or inclination to apply layers of cream followed by base before work. Equally, she wants to look after her skin while looking polished while at the office.

Her question came at the perfect time: I just so happened to have been testing Vichy’s Capital Soleil BB Tinted Face Cream SPF 50 and been blown away by it for the following reasons:

1) It provides protection from UVB (the rays responsible for burning) and UVA rays (the more pernicious of the two that age the skin). By law, suncreams need only protect from UVB so I always check sun products to ensure UVA protection is also offered.

2) The high SPF. The results of recent research show a subdivision between long and short wavelength UVAs. This suggests that it is vital to use a high factor that will protect from the damage of both kinds of UVA to avoid pigmentation, loss of firmness and the formation of premature wrinkles.

Vichy Capital Soleil BB Tinted Face Cream sPF 50 Swatches

Vichy’s Capital Soleil BB unblended

3) The added goodness in the form of hyaluronic acid and Vichy’s signature thermal spa water. Both will help to combat dehydration and keep skin plump and supple throughout the day.

4) The tint. Not quite a foundation, but not insubstantial either. It sits somewhere between an illuminator and a bronzing tinted moisturiser. This is ideal for summer – if you have spots, conceal them and leave skin sheer where you can and if you have perfect skin, this will do the trick while warming up pastiness.

Vichy Capital Soleil BB tinted Face Cream SPF 50

Vichy’s Capital Soleil BB blended into my arm

My friend’s response to my recommendation: ‘this sounds like it has everything I could ever dream of in an SPF. Ordered it.’

If you’d like to follow suit, I’ve found it at a reduced price of £10.33 HERE. Now get out there and enjoy the sun.


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