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Interview, Skincare , 17 June 2014

Behind The Brand / Dr Colbert

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Dr. David Colbert’s time is precious. The feted dermatologist not only has a lengthy roster of patients to treat but also a skincare range to preside over. I was therefore thrilled that he offered a little of his time, and advice, to share with readers of Madeleine Loves.

Of the 250,000 or so patients who have placed the health of their skin in the hands of the NY Dermatology Group, which Dr. David Colbert founded and continues to work at, a good handful are household names such as Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz.

Dr Colbert 3

Why do they all visit this man over all the other dermatologists who’d fall over their lab whites to treat a bona fide A-lister? Because Dr. Colbert knows what women want when it comes to skincare. We want our skin to look radiant. And we want it with relatively little hassle. His edicts to get healthy skin are easy to follow, silencing some of the noise surrounding skincare:

“I think most women use too many products. They tend to overwork the skin and end up with a bathroom full of unrelated and non-cohesive creams and serums.  I suggest using a simplied system of just a handful of products.”

After some of Dr. Colbert’s patients requested batches of skincare to use on set – the stars of Salt, The Constant Gardener and My Week with Marilyn all used Colbert’s creams while filming – the Colbert MD range was born:

“They requested a simplified system of skincare that would deliver similar immediate and tangible results as the TRIAD facial we offer in the practice. After the success of the small batches of our Stimulate Serum and Illumino Facial Oil the word spread through Hollywood and we were inundated with requests. The line we created mimics the skin’s natural biorhythms and is a direct result of my research combined with luxurious scents and textures.”

Dr. Colbert Illumino Body Oil Review

I’ve been testing a handful of Colbert MD products and am a convert. It is little wonder those under scrutiny are keen on the range – the ingredients are designed to instantly soothe and moisturise while providing the longterm benefits of better tone and plumper skin.

My favourites are The Illumino Body Oil, which contains marula, argan and borage seed oil, and Heal & Soothe Night Cream, which promotes the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid. As a skincare junkie who has tried many a celebrated cream, it’s rare that a new moisturising product has me in its thrall, but I am completely and utterly devoted to these two and have chosen them daily over my usual favourites.

Colbert MD Heal & Soothe Night Cream Review

For those of you who might want to try a Colbert MD product, start with one of the above two or Dr Colbert’s suggestion of the Stimulate Serum. If you’re concerned that you might not get the full benefits of the range while using alongside your other skincare products fret not – Dr. Colbert is an advocate of mixing and matching “so long as you don’t overdo it – combining product lines is fun and it is in this process of discovery that we find the diamond in the rough.”

If you can’t splurge right now, bear this wisdom in mind instead: “nutrition and moderate exercise are key factors in looking good. Stick to healthy, non-processed food and your skin will glow.” And save up. Trust me (and Angelina et al), Dt. Colbert’s products are worth it.

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