A Week in London

Diary , 23 June 2014

Hyde Park, Gardening and Making Colours…

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The old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words is, unfortunately for we logophiles, quite true. I have therefore decided to fuse the two for a weekly diary piece.

While I wish these could all be shots of a thrilling life lived at London’s hottest spots, achieving that would require my drumming up the necessary vigour and inclination to spend every day partaking in city-based activities.

As I have neither, I think it only fair to preface this series with the promise that these photos represent both the exciting and the ‘ordinary’ (see Monday’s photo).

Make The Ordinary Come Alive

Monday / A friend of mine who recently left London for San Francisco posted this photo on her Facebook feed. While slightly more relevant for her (she has a young son), I like the message of this William Martin poem and feel it serves as a reminder to be mindful.

The Alice House, West Hampstead

Tuesday / I met fellow writer and yoga instructor Kate for a drink at The Alice House in West Hampstead. We debated the joys and woes of being freelance over jam jar mocktails. If the above poem resonated, you might want to read Kate’s blog Breathe Here Now, which explores mindfulness and holistic health.

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Bath Oil

Wednesday / After an exceptionally long day spent at the computer, I was in dire need of a tonic for my overstimulated mind. Anyone in a similar boat, do as I did and try a sprinkle of Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil (£23.50 as part of a set here) in a warm bath. It’s blissful.

Making Colours Exhibition at The National Gallery

Thursday / By Terry presented their fall collection to beauty journalists alongside a preview of the Making Colour exhibition at the National Gallery. I left with a burning desire to play with colour and arrived at subsequent meetings teeming with creative energy, which served me rather well indeed.

Dandelion Flower

Friday / Keen gardeners among you will know that a day of neglect can spell the death of many a flower. After gallivanting around town for the day, the blooming blooms in my garden needed some love. While watering, I noticed this dandelion and couldn’t resist an attempt to blow off the aigrette. I managed it in three puffs – a feat my childhood self would have been very proud of indeed.

Hyde Park picnic

Saturday / During a picnic in Hyde Park, it emerged that the dashing fellow on the left has never seen The Sound of Music or Grease. This horrified our group, particularly because, as you can see, he looks like he could star in either (and, Harry, your musical education starts this summer). On another non-musical note, there must be few better ways to spend an afternoon than in drinking Prosecco and eating salad under the sun with friends.

Summer Cat

Sunday / This hiding cat had probably heard that during a session of watering during the week, I’d sent a spray of water in the direction of my cat mid-stalk in an attempt to divert his attention. His hunting habits have become problematic, you see. Even after coaxing, this chap made no attempt to come out to greet me – word must travel quickly among the neighbourhood cats.

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