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Make-up , 23 June 2014

Newness / By Terry Rose Infernale

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If you only know one thing about the woman behind By Terry, make it this: Terry de Gunzburg is an innovator. Long before starting her own brand, Terry was already shaking things up in the beauty industry; during her tenure as creative director at Yves Saint Laurent she designed the iconic Touche Eclat.

In 1998, By Terry was born. Terry’s desire to fuse the idea of haute couture with make-up to produce ‘haute coleur’ ranges fuelled the collections. The haute part of the promise was very much lived up to – try the Baume de Rose lip balm (£38 here) for an example of By Terry’s excellent formulas.

Terry de Gunzburg

The new Rose Infernale collection, due in September 2014, is an exploration of Terry’s devotion to the flower, of which she once said: ‘I love to use the rose. You can utilize every aspect of the flower for beneficial purposes.’

She wasn’t kidding – the collection covers all aspects from scent and make-up to skincare all harnessing the unique powers of the rose. I popped along to the launch event, which was held at the National Gallery, to get a sneak preview of each and every new addition…

by Terry Rose Infernale Fall Collection

The Eau de Parfums / Rose Nocturne and Rouge Infernale. The former is a little lighter, the latter an deeper, more sensual scent. Fret not that the liquid itself is coloured, I’ve tested both on clothes and they didn’t leave marks.

by Terry New Baume De Rose

New Baume de Rose Nutri-Couleur Shades, £35 / I mentioned that these balms are beautiful, did I not? Did I also mention they contain 48 lip-nourishing ingredients including shea butter, vitamin e and, of course, rose wax? The new four colours add to the two existing coloured balms (Cherry Bomb and Mandarina Pulp). They are: Fig Fiction (my favourite, this is a wearable plum), Rosy Babe (a soft pink), Bloom Berry (a deep brown) and Toffee Cream (a classic nude).

By Terry Eye Powder Kajal Review

Eye Powder-Kajal, £29 / Launched in only one colour (black, though I suspect more shades will follow), this is the innovator of the new make-up range. The tapered foam tip gives a kohl liner effect that doesn’t drag at eyelids, isn’t greasy and can be smudged easily for a smoky effect. N.B. the shadow does fall a little onto cheeks so cover them with a tissue or dust some powder on first to avoid black sprinkles from sticking.

By Terry Terribly Rose de Rose Trio Powder Blush

Terrybly Rose de Rose Trio Powder Blush, £72 / This is taking the rose thing up a notch – this powder smells of rose, looks like roses and confers a rosy tint onto the skin. Actually, that’s sort of underselling this one: it’s more than a simple rosy blusher – it makes skin glow. As if lit from within. This is something I am always trying to achieve, so when this silver clutch made its way into my hands, I was reluctant to ever let it go.

By Terry Terrybly Rose de Rose Trio Powder Blush Swatch

Cellularose Cleansing Oil, £42 / A combination of brightening rose and camellia, olive, jojoba and candeia oil, this is a gentle, non-stripping way to cleanse. I’d recommend either using this as a pre-cleanse or twice to ensure your skin is clean. I’ve started testing it and so far am thoroughly impressed – it’s softening, non-drying and effective. I shall keep you updated…

By Terry Cellularose Hydra-Toner and Cellularose Cleansing Oil Review

Cellularose Nutri-Pure, £42 / A good option for those of you who prefer a balmy cleanser, this is free of mineral oil and the ingredients are geared towards restoring the skin barrier and balancing moisture levels – it therefore may be ideal for oily complexions (though, again, I will review properly in due course).

By Terry Cellularose Nutri-Pure Review

Cellularose Hydra-Toner, £40 / I love few things in the skincare arena more than rose toners. Refreshing and moisturising, there is also something that’s decidedly decadent in the use of one. Though many beauty experts claim a toner does little bar refresh, I beg to differ – applying a good toner paves the way for moisture to bind deeper into the skin (just make sure it is, like this one, alcohol-free).


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