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Round-Up , 28 June 2014

A Sneaky Peek at Three Forthcoming Launches

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Oh how frantic this week has been. Buzzing hither and thither, I made an effort to hit up all the launches to which I was invited because the beauty industry seems to be on a roll at the moment, popping out stonkingly good new buys at an alarming rate.

Those of you who frequently read will know I test things a LOT before they appear on here (a policy which has, at times, incensed incessant PRs intent on garnering coverage). I feel that is my duty of care to you – if I don’t think it is up to scratch, I won’t talk about it. So, in this slight departure from form, I am going to tell you about three things that will imminently be available to buy which I’m in love with after only a few plays…

DHC New Revitalising moisture Strips Mouth Review

1) DHC Revitalising Moisture Strips: Mouth, £9.50 for 6, available from the 1st of July here. This is such an obvious and simple idea I’m kind of annoyed I didn’t come up with it myself – the skin around the lips, like the eyes, is thinner and contains fewer sebaceous glands than other areas of the face. It is also the place where much movement goes on. The sum of this: premature lines.

Step in this new release from Japanese brand DHC. The disposable soft polymer gel strips adhere to the skin around the mouth and deliver a bounty of anti-ageing botanical nutrients including brightening alpha-arbutin, cosseting and firming olive leaf extract and calming aloe.

DHC Revitalising Moisture Strips: Mouth

I loved these from the minute I stuck them to my skin – they were instantly cooling and felt like they were smoothing the light laughter lines around my mouth (these have become a source of slight paranoia for me so I was all too glad to be targeting them). Once off, my skin looked smoother and refreshed. A little plumper, too. These would be ideal for smokers and, as they can stay on overnight, are actually a very simple way to treat the area.

Jane Iredale Re-Fill Me Review

2) Jane Iredale Re-Fill Me, £28, available from August here. If you’re a fan of loose mineral foundation, this brush provides the answer to the top-up on-the-go dilemma. Just take the spatula provided, scoop your powder into the empty cell under the brush, screw on and pop this in your handbag. When you need to use the product, twist to ‘unlock’ the powder, and apply. Easy peasy.

Other things that are extra special about this one? Because you fill the product part yourself, you can design your own base. Whether you’d like to mix two together or pop their SPF powder in with your foundation, you can play with this until you have the exact shade and intensity you desire. Also, the quality of this brush: amazing. To wash, just unscrew the brush and reattach when dry.

Balance Me NEW Rose Otto Body Balm Review

3) Balance Me Rose Otto Body Balm, £25, available from August here. A reformulated and repackaged version of the original balm that flew off shelves, if you liked the old Rose Otto Body Balm, prepare to be bowled over by this one. Containing 35% more essential oils than its predecessor, the extra rosa damascene, rose geranium and palmarosa will help to heal and rebalance the skin. Other key ingredients include sweet almond oil, jojoba, shea butter, lavender and chamomile to rejuvenate and replenish lost moisture. A treat for the senses and the skin, put this on your shopping list if you find that your skin is dry come the end of summer.

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