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Diary, Food & Drink , 7 July 2014

A Week In London / Sugar, Wimbledon & Tiroler Hut

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Retro Sweets
Monday / The Monday blues drove me to this. Looking at a week that was work dense, I buckled and hit the sugar big style. The old school nature of these made me feel a little better about my binge – sickly though they may be, they’re also delightfully retro.

Labrador - Mads About Town

Tuesday / Maggie the labrador decided to punctuate our perfectly nice break in the sun with an episode of naughtiness: she was most definitely not invited to join me in lounging on the sunbed. Above is the photographic evidence.

Home House - imPRESS nails and Kiss Eyelashes Launch

Wednesday / Kiss Eyelashes and imPRESS nails hosted a launch in Home House on Portman Square. I popped along to have a gander with these two and was, of course, roped into having the ‘shy’ false lashes applied. My verdict? Excellent – particularly for events – they weren’t too pronounced but lent the eye some definition.

Organic Salad

Thursday / A day spent at the computer is taxing indeed on the body. Prior to spending long periods sitting typing, I had no concept of the shoulder pain and back niggles that ensue. Getting outside and cooking offer respite and making this salad (with potatoes grown in my very own back garden) meant that I managed both during my lunch break.

Tiroler Hut - Josef

Friday / This is my dad, doing what he does best. As he owns Tiroler Hut restaurant, I’ve spent a huge number of nights here watching him play the cowbells and generally make his customers feel at home. My companions on Friday night? The lovely Laura who works in beauty PR and her boyfriend.

Franz Joseph I

Saturday: A second night at the Hut was not quite as civilised as the first. In fact, my friends and I immaturely giggled at the stately Franz Joseph I’s humungous camel toe and the single glove we opined must have inspired Michael Jackson (apologies for the hideous quality of this photo – those of you who’ve visited the Hut will appreciate the poor lighting in the basement).


Sunday / A good friend of mine is marrying this summer and as a little pre-wedding treat, I took her to Zen for a massage and Sophie Gass for a manicure, after which we decamped to Walmer Castle to cheer Federer on along with most the pub. His loss was a rather sad moment, ameliorated marginally by the white wine spritzers that were on offer.

Madeleine Spencer

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