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Round-Up , 16 July 2014

10 New Launches Rated Out of 10

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What with travelling and generally slacking off a little because it’s summer (I’m European – the big summer relax is in our blood), I’m behind on new releases. Scrap that, I’m on top of them, but I’m behind on writing them up. Which is appalling, given that one of the great joys in my life is introducing new finds to you all. So instead of writing up a big, long spiel on each of these, I’m going to bosh them out quickly so I, and you, can get back out in the sun (WEARING SPF)…

New launch: Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, £12 here. Release date: Yesterday!

Marks Out of 10: 8

This doesn’t feel like an £8 moisturiser when on. A new addition to the hugely popular vitamin E range, it’s the sort of thing you really want to put on your skin when it’s this hot outside. Packed with wheatgerm, shea butter and soya oil, this will moisturise while mattifying (the inbuilt mineral particles absorb oil). I keep mine in the fridge for a refreshing effect.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet - new launch

The Body Shop Body Sorbets, £8 here. Release date: Yesterday.

Marks Out of 10: 5

Available in strawberry, mango, peach satsuma and floral moringa, these smell positively delicious. When you rub them on, they’re cooling and non-greasy. The jury is out here on the finish – my mum really likes that the finish is slightly matte as it makes her feel less flustered in the heat. I like using oils and love feeling hydrated/slippery of body so am not as big a fan (plus found the formula tends to bobble a tiny bit – again, this may be due to the fact that I moisturise in layers, but I nonetheless felt it shouldn’t happen).

P.s. The Body Shop are currently running a deal where you get £10 off if you spend £25 before the 22nd of July. If ever there was an excuse… (click here to be redirected to the offer).

Phyto Phyto Plage After Sun Oil

Phyto Plage Hair & Body Sublime After Sun Oil, £26.50 here. Release date: May.

Marks Out of 10: 9

If there’s one time I want to be low maintenance, it’s after I’ve had a shower on holiday. The main thing I want to tackle: dryness. This is the oil with which I’m going to address these concerns – it is at once a hair conditioner, styling agent, aftersun and moisturiser and is therefore indispensable over summer. Infused with repairing perilla oil, tan-enhancing buriti oil and hydrating annatto oil (with 98% natural and botanical content), this smells heavenly, looks great on the shelf (I’m sorry – that’s an asinine observation, but I do love the bottle so) and smooths on to leave limbs with a light sheen.

DHC Lipstick new release

DHC lipsticks left to right: Bold Persimmon (OR112), Velvety Red (RD109) and First Blush (RS105)

DHC Premium Lipstick GE Collection, £13 here. Release date: August.

Marks Out of 10: 9

Available in six shades, this is the most wearable collection of lipsticks I’ve encountered in a long time. No gimmicks, no silly colours, just healthy/pinky/nude lipsticks that plump and moisturise thanks to the macadamia, olive and rice bran oils within. The micronised pigments within deflect light and make lips appear plumped and line-free so this is a great one if your lips look a little less luscious than you’d like.

Dr. Hauschka SS14 Chorus Collection Launch

Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition Chorus Collection, available here. Release date: July.

Marks Out of 10: 10

Based on the fact that everyone who saw these wanted to steal them (and my mum successfully swiped the eyeshadows), I’m giving them 10/10. Good colours, soft formulas, nice new packaging (again – sorry, I’m a magpie) and all organic to boot. The eyeshadow duo (Ecstatic Pink and Melancholic Blue) work perfectly with the Golden Apricotlipstick, too, making doing a ‘face’ with this collection a snip.

Darphin Ideal Resrouce Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator

Darphin Ideal Resource Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator, £44 here. Release date: August.

Marks Out of 10: 8

This works in three ways. First, it illuminates the eye contour courtesy of micro particles that reflect light. Over time, the vitamin C and mulberry root stimulate microcirculation to reduce darkness and wrinkles. Second, the peptides within help support and stimulate natural collagen to plump. Third, the green tea extract and caffeine soothe and protect the contour. The silver nozzle makes for a really nice cooling sensation when applying, too.

New Release: Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly, £24.99 £16.66 here. Release date: July.

Marks Out of 10: 9

You may have guessed that lightweight, refreshing and moisturising tick my boxes when it’s hot. This jelly does all three, enriching the skin with moisture and binding it in to last all day. This also contains hyaluronic acid which is a ludicrously hydrating ingredient that holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. All round a very good (and affordable) egg.

New Release Eylure Brow Review
Eylure Brow Control & Shape Gel
Eylure Brow Nourishing Oil
Brow Tame & Define Wax Review

Eylure Brows Collection, from £4.95 here. Release date: July.

Marks Out of 10: 5

Lash specialists Eylure have turned their attention to the feature of the moment – the brow. Of the three products I tried from the range (above) the brow mascara was my favourite. The reason these haven’t scored more highly? I have misgivings about the rollerball on the nourishing oil (it doesn’t quite push oil through thicker brow hairs), though the formula is a nice mix of argan and rosemary oil. I’m also a little annoyed at the price of the brow gel – yes, they’ve got the wand a perfect size and the tube just the right width to deposit an even amount but £6.25 seems a bit hefty for what is essentially a hair gel – albeit containing aloe vera and nettle leaf to condition – on a wand. Finally, the wax pencil is soft enough to distribute evenly but leaves a light sheen. I know some love an extremely sleek brow, but it doesn’t do it for me.

Tiana Organic Coconut Beauty Sensations

Tiana Organic Coconut Beauty Sensations, from £7.99 here. Release date: July.

Marks Out of 10: 10

Clever Tiana have cottoned onto the fact that pretty much everyone uses their coconut oil for cleansing/moisturising/smoothing hair so decided to harness the powers of the oil for use in a range of beauty products. My two favourites are the rose face cream which is moisturising, smells of fresh roses and is extremely soothing and the hair treatment, which is a blend of argan oil and coconut oil (I am reliably informed this is the first union of the two power oils).

Nails Inc Floral Collection 2014

Nails Inc Floral Collection, from £12 here. Release date: June.

Marks Out of 10: 3

I’m probably not the right person to be writing about nail trends because I’m quite passionately opposed to nail art. I like a shiny, uniform nail. Red, preferably. So while I dutifully painted my nails with the new Nails Inc collection, I just didn’t feel I’d ever take these nails on an outing for two reasons: first, the textural unpleasantness of glitter. I can’t get over that part of it. It’s sort of like having cereal stuck to your fingers. The second is that I just don’t think they look that good – they’re too busy and too novelty for my liking.

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