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Skincare , 22 August 2014

Another Totally Titillating Sale…

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My love for a good product knows no bounds. I would sooner buy cosmetics than have a night out (sad, perhaps, but I genuinely did this at uni, choosing an extortionate cleanser over a night on a boat in Newcastle – a choice that, in retrospect, I still think was entirely sound), I would miss a train for an extra five minutes at Space NK (I once was two hours late to get back to school after exeat on account of a newly-launched brand that I just needed a little time with), and I think nothing of giving over kitchen cupboards to store goods (my last kitchen had but one cupboard of pots and pans and three filled with pots and jars of potions).

I don’t for one minute think that any of you are as barmy as I. You rightly probably put beauty down as an expense to be managed after nights out, holidays abroad and trips to the theatre. You may even place fashion above beauty purchases. That’s entirely your call (though, may I interject – that skirt may last three years. Your skin? You’ve got that forever).

This post bridges the gap between us. So, for those of you who are sane but still want to buy products, here are some thunderingly good bargains…

P.S. ENTER PLUS10 AT CHECKOUT FOR AN EXTRA 10% OFF.Trilogy Rosehip Oil Discount

Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant Oil 30ml + Free Ultra Hydrating Face Cream, £26.50 £13.25 here / I don’t understand this. I’m glad it’s happening, but I really don’t understand why on earth a cult organic rose hip oil is being sold at this price. Once you’ve used the extra discount it will cost £11.93; enormously cheap for a rosehip oil and moisturiser. But there we have it. Let’s not pause on the price but instead get to the use of this oil. For scarred/dry/sensitive skin: excellent. Mix with moisturiser to boost its properties or apply alone at night for the full whammy. When flying, pat onto skin to reduce moisture-loss.

Intelligent Nutrients Body Oil Discount

Intelligent Nutrients Jasmine Body Elixir, £52 £28.60 here / There are those who pay no heed to the maxim that sixty per cent of anything applied to the body ends up in the system. I am not one of those people. I am also not one to scrimp on quality. This moisturiser: organic AND luxe. So completely and utterly heavenly. And, you know, it’s totally organic so in an emergency you could cook with it if, like me, you spend all your money buying products…

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Discount

– BetterYou Magnesium Oil Soak 1 Litre, £35 £22.75 here. I had no idea that I was magnesium deficient until I applied some oil to my skin and it burned. A lot. After doing this for three days, the burning subsided: I was sufficient in magnesium. As magnesium deficiency can cause dizziness, muscle weakness and fatigue, you’ll understand why I’ve not gone a day without since. This bath oil makes the absorption of magnesium more fun – soak in it for twenty minutes and emerge relaxed and remineralised.

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