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Diary , 14 September 2014

A Mosey Around London / Tower Poppies & a Town Hall

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I plan to be at the computer for much of today. This is not my preferred way to spend a Sunday: I generally like to give myself over to eating enormous quantities of food at different restaurants/cafes/bars and dashing around London trying to find new haunts. But, alas, I’ve got a rather busy week ahead and am therefore swapping the cutlery for a mouse and keypad, so here’s my usual Monday diary piece today instead.

For those of you without plans today, perhaps one of the below things I did this week will tickle your fancy (or at least amuse you – see YSL launch. That was a mighty embarrassing few minutes indeed)…

Poppies in the Tower of London

The Tower of London /

The poppies drew me, the graffiti held me. The 888,246 poppies (one for each member of the British Forces who died during World War One) are arresting and hammer home the enormous loss of life during the war. As I’ve visited before and therefore didn’t feel the need to cram everything in, I spent some time pouring over the graffiti left by Tudor prisoners in the Beauchamp Tower.

Tower of London Poppies

Yeoman at Tower of London

Richard Blount Graffiti in The Tower of London

Graffiti by Richard Blount on the 9th of July 1553. Translation: ‘to whom you give your secret you give your liberty.’

Graffiti in The Tower of London Beauchamp Tower

Beauchamp Tower in The Tower of London

 Entrance to the Beauchamp Tower in The Tower of London

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Launch /

At this launch in Selfridges, YSL’s head European make-up artist Fred Letailleur gave me a ‘rock chick’ makeover. He hand painted lower lashes onto my skin and basically added shedloads of smudgy black make-up around my eyes (leaving the lower waterline free of kohl – this is apparently the thing currently). I was then asked to sing along to I Love It in a ‘rock booth’. I gamely went ahead, though would imagine the many shades of embarrassment I felt is ludicrously apparent in the video. The perfume, by the way – not my thing (sweet, a little cloying). The make-up collection? COME TO MAMA.

Fred Latailleur Makeup at YSL Black Opium launch

Fischer’s /

My Austrian mum and I popped into a bustling Fischer’s in Marylebone on Thursday evening for a bite to eat. The new Austrian place in town (my dad’s Tiroler Hut was first – it opened in 1967!), we ate cucumber salad, kaese spaetzel and topfen strudel, all of it delicious. Mum’s verdict? ‘It’s very good, but half the food on the menu isn’t Austrian.’ Tut tut, Fischer’s.

Fischer's Restaurant Marylebone

Jurlique Nutri Define Launch /

The Sanderson’s Agua Spa provided a rather tranquil backdrop for the launch of Jurlique’s new range (two creams, one serum, all designed to firm and tone). During the launch beauty journalists were treated to hand massages and berry cocktails. I enjoyed both enormously and am currently testing the serum. If you’d like to have a facial or massage in luxe surroundings, I’d suggest you book in here pronto.

Jurlique NutriDefine at The Sanderson Hotel Agua Spa

A Fashion Show in The Chelsea Old Town Hall /

While the models at this pre-London Fashion Week show were striking, the town hall was really something. My sister and I oohd and ahhd over both. Check it out when you’re in the area – it really is rather breathtaking. FYI – LFW: I don’t wholly love it. This is my third year of attending and I still feel a little meh about it. I shall head along this week in the hope that something will click in me and I will feel invigorated rather than depressed by the shenanigans.

The Chelsea Old Town Hall LFw

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