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Make-up , 16 September 2014

THE Cosmetics Bag / Catseye London

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When you travel, what do you put your jars, pots and tubes of beautifiers in? Prior to my acquiring this Catseye London wash bag, I bagged up my precious collection up in a series of free bags (the sort that come with those ‘buy three products and get a bag with a zillion teeny tiny vials of serum/suncream/face wash’ offers at cosmetics counters that always suck me in). I don’t like those bags – they aren’t ever quite big enough, the zips usually get stuck in the fabric and they dirty up in no time.

This bag heralded a new era in my travel packing. Capacious enough to fit all the below in (seriously – this was the ONLY make-up bag I bought with me to the wedding I went to a couple of weekends ago) with a plastic interior (wipe clean and it’s good as new) and pretty to behold, I can’t see these being usurped in my affection anytime soon.

Packing Up Make-Up BagsCatseye London Cosmetics Bag


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