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Facials , 18 October 2014

The Facial / Sisley At Liberty London

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While I’ve been babbling on about Budapest here in the blogosphere I’ve continued to dizzy myself in running around London and beyond in order to amass a wealth of new recommendations. My abundance of shopping, restaurant and travel notes will have to wait, however; I want to kick the new lot of posts off with a facial, simply because I believe so heartily in the benefits of getting a good one, particularly at this time of year when skin tends to look a little shabby.

It’s been over six months since my last proper facial recommendation. This feels an awfully long time, especially because the general consensus among experts of skin is that a monthly facial is the ticket to keeping skin happy and healthy. The reason for this lapse? I felt I’d reviewed most the top facialists in London and had run out of options. My rule of thumb, you see, has always been to seek out the facialist, not the facial, in the belief that you never quite know the level of expertise otherwise. Equally, I feel that facialists who have established themselves through hard work over the years are less likely to compromise their name by giving a substandard treatment.

This approach is obviously hugely prohibitive: some of you don’t live in London, can’t afford to shell out £200+ for a facial and are unwilling to put your name on a waiting list to see a facialist. I’ve therefore embarked on a new facial frontier and will be henceforth be putting myself in the hands of spas where the brand promises to ensure excellence across the board.

THE FACIAL / First up: Sisley. I checked into the Sisley treatment room in Liberty’s for their hour-long Essential Facial treatment, the price of which is FULLY redeemable against the purchase of two Sisley products on the day (I. Know.). Before starting, I was advised that the Sisley facial is a relaxing one – no violent extractions, no bright lights, no chit chat. I was here for my skin and senses to be calmed.

Once it kicked off, I quickly realised this facial is all about letting the Sisley product line shine. While there’s massage and a few essential oils not available in the range, Sisley are confident that an hour of having their range on your face will make a fan of you for life (and make the process of choosing two products post a seriously struggle).

THE VERDICT /  This is a superb facial if there’s little wrong with your skin bar dehydration and/or ageing and you’d like to zone out in central London for an hour then emerge with a glowing complexion and looser shoulders. And a Sisley bag, obviously – one of the best things about having a facial which uses the core range is recreating it in your own bathroom.

Essential Facial at Liberty London, £50 (fully redeemable against the purchase of two Sisley products on the day), here

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