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Make-up , 25 October 2014

THE Palette / Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit 2nd Edition

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I’m think I’m done; this post may mark the end of the road on my endless quest for the palette of palettes. To preface the praise I intend on heaping on the subject of this post, here are some palette niggles I have toward its lesser relatives:

– Mixing genres without being comprehensive enough / I speak of the ridiculousness that is an eyeshadow palette containing ten eyeshadows and one cheek/lip colour. Just the one! Also, it is usually in an insipid pink that just doesn’t need to be there in a tray that’s too small for a blusher brush to really grab the colour without brushing up against the eyeshadows at the same time. You can probably tell from that vitriolic rant how very much this bothers me…

 Allocating brush space, then filling it with rubbish foam dual-ended applicators / Waste of space. End of. (Give me a good quality brush, though, and I’ll purr submissively and even gamely fiddle around with tiddly brushes).

– Mixing sensible colours with a whole lot of bonkers ones / Why do this to us, beauty companies? Why? It seems so excessively cruel to draw customers in with the perfect bronze only to insult them with a neon yellow.

First impressions on peeling open Pixi’s new palette? No silly foam brushes, no pointless colours, a LOT of choice and an idiot-proof layout where cool tones are located on the left, warm on the right, highlighters at the top and blushers at the bottom of the middle panel.

Playing with it didn’t undermine this favourable impression. I started on the ‘cool’ side on the left, making my eyes pop with a purple and some black close to the lash line. Next I had a play with the ‘warm’ side on the right. While I liked the cool shades, I feel the warm ones are the real winner of the two eye shadow collections thanks to the many warming, subtly enhancing olive and chocolate shades in a mix of mattes and shimmers.

Next up? The six blushers and six highlighters. Again: all wearable and exceedingly pretty. Also impressive is the quality; they’re all enriched with vitamin E and slide on smoothly and evenly (so I’d confidently recommend them to those with wrinkly or dry skin).

The thing that cinched the deal on my love for these? The price. £34 pounds (or a mere £29.92 if you buy online – see below) would usually buy a small palette of eight shades or a couple of highlighters and blushers of this quality, not forty eyeshadows, six highlighters and six blushers.

Final word of advice: if you’re in the market for a palette and are sold on this one, get your skates on – Pixi products have a record of selling out and I have a feeling this one will be gone pretty quickly.

Buy It //

Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit 2nd Edition, £34 £29.92 here.

Swatches //

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Pixi Cool Eyeshadow Review

Pixi Warm Eyeshadow Review

Pixi Warm Eyeshadow Swatches

Pixi Highlighters and Blushers

Pixi Highlighter and Blush Swatches


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