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Home , 27 October 2014

New Bedside Table Vibes

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Now that the clocks have gone back and winter has started to spread its blanket of darkness upon London, I know I’ll be spending some of most of my free time in bed; when the outside world is drizzly and blustery, the cosy embrace of a duvet is just too good to resist. My strategy is to make no attempt to fight the temptation but to instead make my bedroom as pretty a place as possible with a little makeover to usher in the somnolent season.

Last week, I revamped my bedside table. First I binned any non-essentials (out went a huge pile of magazines, random lids and nail files among others). I then did some dusting and scrutinising before coming to the conclusion that I clearly needed to invest in some new lights. As I’d seen some rather plum – and affordable – bits over at Tesco, I logged onto their website and did me some shopping. After ordering a lamp, candle and an alarm clock (a girl’s got to get up at some point…), I logged off and awaited the delivery.

Two days later, I set up my new bedside table with a few of my beauty essentials and promptly nestled in for a heavenly evening with a book. Expect to find me curled up next to this whenever I’ve a moment to spare for the foreseeable future…

ON MY BEDSIDE TABLE // left-to-right

Tesco Grey Candle, £6 here.

Tesco Gatsby Mirror Glass Table Lamp, £23.20 here.

By Terry Baume de Rose, £38 here.

Tesco Copper Twinbell Alarm Clock, £9.60 here.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream, £14.50 here.

This Works In Transit Muscle Therapy Rollerball, £15.48 here.

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