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Skincare , 31 October 2014

A Three-Pronged Skin Rescue Kit + Giveaway

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Three things that struggle in these less than salubrious conditions: body skin, area around the eyes and skin in staying clear (to clarify, by less than salubrious I of course mean the advent of central heating coupled with the odd extra glass of wine and subtraction of sunlight – all rather taxing on the old system).

To combat all three I turn to the Dead Sea. For something with such an unforgiving name the Dead Sea is rather good news for our bodies – rich with magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium, the properties of the mineral water of the sea when applied to the skin are manifold.

Take, for example, Dr. Organic’s Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rescue Rollerball, £8.99 here. Aside from the cooling and draining benefits of the rolling action (which is pretty addictive, by the way – I just roll this around my eyes during the evening while watching TV, as you do), this gel increases oxygen flow around the eyes and acts as a lypolytic to reduce puffiness and fine lines. It’s ideal in the morning to really reduce any water retention and add moisture in one.

Dr. Organic Dead Sea Mineral Rollerball Review

Another multitasking product I like at this time of year which makes the most of the Dead Sea’s goodness? Dr. Organic’s Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask, £7.99 here. While most mud masks do the simple work of drawing impurities out the skin, this one is enriched with minerals so it also replenishes the skin. I tend to crack it out when everything seems a little haywire as it does a good job of soothing spots while not drying out the rest of my skin and reducing redness.

The final product from this range I’m a big fan of is the Dead Sea Mineral Skin Lotion, £7.29 here. Not merely because it moisturises, but because the combination of minerals and moisturiser provide gentle exfoliation, allowing moisture to penetrate more deeply. When on, skin also undergoes transdermal mineralisation – with use it will become more healthy, not just more moisturised. I also like this one for the simple reason that it smells pretty darn good (not sweet and sickly – fans of sugary, floral scents need not apply. This is more of a clean and fresh scent).


So there we have it – three more products I’m a little in love with from the mighty Dr. O. Want to win all three? To enter the competition just leave your name/twitter handle in the comments field below. The winner will be picked on the 14th of November and notified by e-mail/twitter.

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