Twiggy Eyelash Trick

Make-up , 5 November 2014

The Eyelash Trick

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… Another late post, no post yesterday – I apologise: new things are in the offing and I have therefore been on the phone conducting real conversations (does anyone else find this utterly bloody terrifying in an age where the e-mail/tweet/instagram nod has replaced voice-to-voice communication?) about stuff – I’ll update as soon as all is firmed up.

In the interim, I thought I’d pass on a pearl of wisdom one Mr Fred Letailleur offered me when I pestered him about my puny lower lashes. ”Jus’ paint zem on,” he instructed. What’s that, now? YSL’s head of make-up telling me that plumpness and plentifulness of bottom lash can be faked? Indeedy. Here’s how:

Madeleine Spencer lower eyelash trick

1) Do all your make-up. Foundation, eyeshadow, mascara; the works. Get it all on your face and assess – how much lower lash would you like going on? Want to go for a retro Twiggy lash or follow Alexa Chung’s lead and make them virtually imperceptible?

2) Take a firm, fine eyeliner brush (here’s my favourite) and load it up with a gel liner – these look more like lashes when painted on than liquid liner will. Make sure the tip of the brush is evenly coated and then apply ‘lashes’ in little strokes, ensuring they’re not too uniform/long/thick.

That’s it! Simple as, non? I have since recreated the lashes Fred painted on at home with little ado and become addicted to doing so – it’s such a simple, effective way to look bright-eyed when you’re existing on four hours sleep and mainlining caffeine. Plus demain…

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