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Fashion , 13 November 2014

OOTD / THE Dress for Parties

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Every year I face the same dilemma come the festive season: cupboard full of clothes, nothing to wear. During a time when any precious extra cash is dutifully saved to buy presents, I generally fall back on wearing a plain black dress with some jazzy jewellery.

Fine and dandy though that may be, last week I came across a dress that’s a little thrifty, ever so pretty, lends itself to being worn throughout the year and is also a little more decorative than my usual staple dress thanks to lace detailing. I did the only sensible thing for a girl with a case of wardrobe boredom and bought it.

Marks & Spencer Party Dress

Part of the autograph range at M&S (where I was accompanying my mother in her yearly hunt for a good day-to-day cashmere jumper), it’s an enormously savvy purchase, even if I do say so myself (*pats self on back*).

An all-in-one that sort of looks like an extremely well paired lacy top and skirt, it sits firmly in the Venn diagram where appropriate and sexy overlap (which I’ve reliably been informed is the most alluring kind of evening wear).

Also, it’s black. I appreciate that silver/gold/oxblood may be more seasonal, but I am still firmly of the belief that when in doubt – or of a bloated constitution – choosing black is just good sense. Above is the model wearing it and me in a selfie (christ) taken before its first outing…

Dress: Marks & Spencer

Nails: OPI Ski Teal We Drop 

Lipstick: Nars Red Square

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