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Skincare , 14 November 2014

Smell These Roses + Giveaway

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Take a look around a beauty hall and you may notice more than a few products containing rose. While I am seduced by the scent (uplifting, relaxing, oh so soothing – yes, I do have the olfactory persuasions of a grandma), the reason for its popularity is more complex than a simple case of it having a pleasing aroma.

For starters, it is one of the few skincare ingredients that improves most skin types. Dry skin benefits from its emollient properties, acneic from the antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral qualities. Thanks to the latter, rose-based products require few preservatives and are therefore less likely to irritate sensitive skin (though essential oils by nature do sometimes aggravate sensitive skin – a patch test is always a good idea if your skin is prone to reacting to products).

While a good option year-round, during the winter (when skin is constantly subject to environmental stress) using rose-based products will almost certainly help fortify your skin: it will guard against moisture-loss, soothe inflammation and also, if you’re anything like me, your senses. Never underestimate this joy of use factor – if you use skincare daily and take a few moments to quite literally smell the roses, you’ll find the benefits extend far beyond just having good skin.


For my final Dr. Organic giveaway, I’ve got three brilliant rose-based products:

– Dr Organic Rose Otto Cleansing Milk, £8.49 here. Cleansing milks ought nourish, not strip. This one does just that.

– Dr. Organic Rose Otto Facial Serum, £12.99 here. Name aside – this is an oil, not a serum – this is my favourite product from the range. Mix a drop into your moisturiser or foundation for dewy skin throughout the winter.

– Dr. Organic Rose Otto Lip Serum, £4.39 here. A non-sticky lip moisturiser that I’ve previously raved about here.

To enter, just leave your name/twitter handle in the comments field below. The winner will be picked on the 28th of November and notified by e-mail/twitter.

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