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Wellbeing , 31 December 2014

The (Unexpected) Power of a Vision Board

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Early in 2014, I sat in a room full of beauty editors and bloggers in the St. Martin’s Lane Hotel and listened to the co-founder of Radical Skincare Liz Edlich talk about the power of a vision board. The slogan plastered on the projector behind Liz read: ‘be the radical change.’

My initial response: what baloney. In fact, my knee-jerk response to the whole thing was horribly British – I felt more than a little awkward at the idea of plastering my ambitions all over a board to hang in my house. Thankfully, Liz is a hugely passionate and convincing speaker and as I listened to her explain the theory behind the boards, I was unexpectedly swept up in a tidal wave of enthusiasm.

The idea is this: your thoughts engender action, which in turn will change the direction of your life. How to change your thoughts? By compiling a mental picture (the brain responds to images more readily than words) of what you’d like your life to look like. The best way to do this? Simply throw images representing what you’d like in your life onto a board, write a date by which you’d like to achieve the vision (and a figure you’d like to earn), and just pop it somewhere you’ll see it every now and then.

I went home with the board tucked under my arm, duly popped it on my desk and just sort of forgot about it. It is now almost a year on and, you’ve guessed it, I’ve almost hit every goal I set myself. I’m healthier, happier, employed by a big magazine to write about beauty and have, as Liz suggested, nailed the practise of visualising negative influences/thoughts/people’s names written on a blackboard and then erasing them (this may sound silly but it’s been hugely helpful to me and might be for you, particularly if you’re sensitive to criticism).

As you charge into the new year, I hope you might consider suspending disbelief and British scepticism, and make yourself a visual reminder of where you’d like to be this time next year. If you’re anything like me you may well find it helps you become unstuck/propels you forward. Here’s to a healthy, happy and successful 2015.

3 Crucial Things to Include on Your Vision Board //

1) Write clear, defined goals such as career benchmarks, an sum of money and date by which you’d like to achieve all this by.

2) Images that reflect the things about which you’re passionate – as Liz rightly pointed out, you’ll only be able to drum up the energy to overcome hurdles if you’re working on something you really believe in.

3) The word yes. As Conrad Hilton once said, ”success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

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